Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Book Block Pt 1


Estelle kindly sent some photos of her exhibition pieces and the above link to the exhibition in Llandudno.

February meeting notes

We welcomed Mandy back to our meetings, and Chris for the first time. Congratulations to Estella who has a big exhibition on at the moment (books and prints) see link above.

A packed room started the process of making a cased in book. This month we made the book block, involving measuring, stitching and glueing and much concentration, but everyone completed the block ready for the next stage later in the year.

The link for linen tape is for Shepherds who have many bookbinding supplies, http://store.bookbinding.co.uk/store/category/93/227/Sewing-Threads%2C-Tapes-%26-Cords/. The scrim is a printmaker’s scrim and you can get it from Pegasus art (quite coarse) at https://www.pegasusart.co.uk/?searchStr=Scrim. Intaglio (intaglioprintmaker.com) also have it, and may call it tarlatan.

Much discussion about our exhibit for Liverpool. We agreed the basis of the display, and everyone is making 'moth' books focussing on the ills of the world, ancient or modern. Jane has been given the task of making a book about 'hope'. We have to submit the completed piece early in April, so please bring completed moth books to the April meeting, along with any props you think might help. Chris suggested using the wire hangers used for card display-if anyone has any if these please bring them along.

Brenda is leading our contribution to the Embroiderer’s Guild Endeavour exhibition in September. She will make a visitor’s book, for which we are welcome to contribute drawings, sketches or paintings inspired by Cook ( the expedition or the flora.) These will be attached to the book. A timeline in scroll form is also planned, and again we are welcome to contribute as above.

The March meeting is a change from the circulated programme. Instead of trying out gelli plate printing, we’ll be texturising kraft paper and tissue paper to make leather look-alikes for book covers. Sue and Frances will be leading the session.

Check Workshop page for instructions on how to make 'Weathered Tissue'

For a great set of Youtube videos on how to make your own Gelli plate and how to use them check this link......


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