Monday, 5 November 2018

November Workshop

Saturday 20th October saw Marilyn at the Manchester Artists Book Fair, which started at 11 and went on until 7, although she wimped out at 6.30pm! Cath came along for the first hour or so and helped set up. The venue was a new one for the fair and was...interesting! Usually a cafe with books, it had 20 tables closely packed in, but unfortunately it was dark inside, in fact too dark to see some of the writing in the books clearly which was a shame. This has been reported to the organisers. Footfall was lower than usual for Manchester, but a big protest march in the adjacent square and a Manchester City home game didn’t help. She still managed to sell a few books, and it was great as always to see other book makers, some familiar faces and some not. And talking of familiar faces, who was this that Marilyn bumped into right outside the venue?

Yes, just as we thought Eric was safely tucked up in Aus , he reappeared in Manchester! The sad reason for this is a relapse in terms of his father-in-law’s health, but it was great to see him again and he hopes to be at our November meeting before making another bid for freedom!

November meeting, Saturday November 3rd, meeting room 2 in Liverpool Central Library

We shall have Elizabeth Willow with us to take us through a codex binding, a really useful binding method and very ancient indeed. Many of you will remember Elizabeth from last November, and we’re delighted she can rejoin us this year. Elizabeth has asked that you bring the following items: 

cutting board, knives, ruler, pencil, needles if you have them, scissors and awl. She will generously supply the paper.


*Please note that Chris will be bringing along some mulberry papers for sale, many at very reasonable prices, so bring your purses. Cash only sales please.
There are a lot of large sheets, some embroidered and some with leaves in,(none more than £2.50) and some assorted A5 & A6 packs along with 4 covered A4 boxes full of various sizes which would be good for a crafty gift. (7.50)

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