Thursday, 27 December 2018

2018 Holiday thoughts


         Thought I would send you this. A couple of projects made from the paper I got from December’s meeting. Next years journal for February. The other is Cigarette cards with an Australian theme. It is not a complete set and I wanted to keep it like I received it. I have used post card sleeves so I could mount the cards so you could read the front and back and also used sleeves to display the cigarette packs. I have also used calligraphy to document a brief history as to the origin of the cards and how they came about. I am using Coptic stitch for the bind so it will open flat.
All the best
Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

Cath has also been very busy : 

Antigoni has sent this ..........

 'Sending you through what I have made for the woodland theme. I am currently back in my hometown for the festive period and even though I had very limited tools, felt creative as I discovered this blue and black gouache colour in the attic and they were the only ones that had survived from a painting set more than 25 years old:)

Please pass on my wishes to everyone for a Happy New year! I miss the monthly meetings at the library but at least I am glad that I can still follow your news from the blog!'

Has anyone else had a chance to make something they would like to show?

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