Saturday, 14 December 2019

Christmas 2019

Notes from December 2019 meeting

Illness and a busy life caused us to be few in number, ‘though great in the Christmas spirit this month! We had an in-depth and through-provoking discussion about our Magellan piece, led by Jac but with plenty of contributions from those present. It should be a fascinating joint piece, and one we can all be proud of. We recognised that as this is an exhibition piece which will travel to other venues, we need to produce our best work and give thought to our individual strengths and weaknesses. Please have a think about what you might contribute as we shall be discussing this again in January. Contributions might include, for example, pieces of work related to the sea, calligraphy, the age of exploration, Magellan and his voyage, spices or anything you can come up with. Be aware that we will need pieces to be largely one dimensional.

We showed our work in progress, including a very delicate and intricate tunnel book from Frances which has made great use of stone paper. We decided to keep back the swap books to January, so please bring to the meeting a wrapped book to swap if you wish. We’ll also have time in January to exchange or donate materials or equipment you have no further need of.

There’s a good programme for 2020, including a piano hinge book, a folded album and some tiny book ear-rings, so we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope to see you well fed and rested on January 4th.


Thought you may like this. After visiting my studio a person returned with a some pictures in frames and asked if I had any use for them? They was nice prints and frames. I packed them away and went on my travels.

On returning and now getting up to speed I got them out. I did not want to hang them up as I only hang my work and other artists I have exchanged work with. After having moved them them about I though it would be a shame to take the prints out of the frames.  Eric

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