Friday, 7 February 2020

Carousel or Star Book

At our January meeting we had a lively discussion about our Magellan project, with plenty of ideas and offers of help. We now need to refine the project and get on with starting the work. If anyone has offered to develop ideas, please bring some practice pieces or more developed ideas to our March meeting. We agreed that we may need to keep a couple of future meetings to work co-operatively on the book, depending on the speed of progress.
Several members had started or completed work on our theme of “hidden`”. Any other books please bring along to the March - this has been a stimulating theme.

We then made a carousel or star book. This is a useful structure which can be developed in a large number of ways and always looks most attractive when displayed as an open book.

At our next meeting Chris and Sue will be leading a gelli plate workshop, so please bring any plates that you may have; more information on what to bring will be in a future post. It’s also always a good idea to wear old or protective clothing when printmaking as no-one can guarantee no ink transfers.

Members remain keen to share their expertise in various book forms, and Sue has offered a workshop on a Jacob’s Ladder, whilst Jac has been investigating flexagrams and will show us how to make a woven concertina; both these for a future date.

Our next meeting is on March 7th in Room 1, 10.30-1.30 at Liverpool Central Library.
The next Stitch and Hobby trade fair is in Birmingham NEC 19-20 March 2020

The latest from Eric 

Still alive and kicking. We still go fires though and the weather is changing every day. This is and area that burnt a couple of months ago.
We are also getting assorts of different wild life in the garden.
More later
No worries

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