Thursday, 10 September 2020

Australian Reverse Piano Hinge

We had a really good making session this month, with Jac showing us how to make the Australian reverse piano hinge form. She was very patient, and if you missed the session we’ll have a pdf how to on the blog soon. Lots of opportunity to use up left-over papers, and no stitching or glue needed.


Full instructions and further photographs have been provided by Jac. Select  from the seperate page listed in the top menu


The pleasures and perils of Zoom were ably demonstrated by our running out of time at one point, and some people having problems signing in-big apologies for this, especially to Cath who hung on all session in hope. Hopefully things will go more smoothly next time, when I’ll be demonstrating a spiral fold book.

Many members seemed to have been busier this month in terms of making
and we saw lots of finished book on the theme of “collections” and “remnants”. We show as many photos as we can on the blog, and also on our Instagram page (northwestbookartists), so please keep sending them in.

We wish all members a healthy and productive September, and we meet online again in October unless otherwise advised. Special greetings to those who are struggling with ill health or bereavements, and if anyone would like a one-to-one Zoom session please let Marilyn know.


Erics latest work


 Very uplifting message from Eric who joined the meeting from Canberra............(quite frankly made me cry)

This is one of my favourite trees. I have known it only just 8 years it has already survived two bush fires. 


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