Sunday, 14 October 2018

Autumn News

Endeavour Exhibition

Here is the Endeavour  link to some superb work.

Eric in Australia has been very busy again and sent details of his latest coptic stiched book.

Thought you may be able to use this. As you know I like to source my materials from Car boot sales, Charity shops and Flea markets when I travel about. Well I picked these items up from difference places but they are by the same company. My attraction to the cards was nature. And the tin ideal for putting specimens in. But when I looked at them I thought there a bit of a theme here.
Hope this of some use. Eric

Usually I do not promote books on this blog but this time is an exception as it perfectly tied in with the woodland visit.    I borrowed this on a request from the library, mainly because of the cost.  Many of you will have heard of Alice Fox from embroidery connections, my main interest is eco dying with rust and natural objects.  

This book covers all interests.  It is beautifully designed and laid out (including textured velveteen cover) with a fair amount of useful information regarding techniques.  It is heavy on white space and large photos and light on text, which initially put me off buying it. BUT...........Once you appreciate how slow and inspired the process is you can see that the book is laid out in the same way requiring thoughtful consideration on the part of the gave me a direction for my own work  BUT......I will still wait for a paperback version.

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