Australian Hinge

Reverse Australian Piano Hinge

This is made from 2 pieces of A4

  1. Fold and cut sheet 1 of A4 into 4xA6 (these are the signatures)

  2. On sheet 2 of A4 use 1 of the signatures to measure the cover by placing it in the top corner of the paper and marking a margin round all four sides. Also mark a strip (about 3cm wide) along the long side of the paper. This will be the binding strip. Cut these out

  3. Fold the signatures and the cover

  4. Nest the cover and the signatures and place the binding strip across the fold and make two marks.

  5. Remove the strip and cut through the cover and signatures between the marks

  6. Separate the pages and the cover.

  7. On the inside of the cover draw a line across at the top and bottom of the slit. Make a mark at 2cm from the centre fold on each line then cut a slit joining them. Repeat at 4com from the centre fold.

  8. You should have 5 slits in total

  9. Mark the binding strip at about 6 cm from each end and the middle. Fold

  10. Fold between the centre and the left fold and between the centre and the right fold

  11. Then fold again between the sets of folds (these should all be equidistant)

  12. On the long edge of sheet 2 of A4 use the binding strip to measure and cut a strip


    slightly thinner than the distance between two of the folds. Cut this strip into 4 (these are the locking pieces)

  13. From the back of the signature push the first V of the biding strip through the slit up to the fold lines, this makes a tab in the fold of the signature.

  14. Then slip a locking piece through the tab.

  15. Repeat for all four signatures

  16. Slip both of the remaining long pieces of binding strip through the cover (from the inside)

  17. Then weave these through the slits in the front and back to hold the cover in place

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