Friday, 7 February 2020

Carousel or Star Book

At our January meeting we had a lively discussion about our Magellan project, with plenty of ideas and offers of help. We now need to refine the project and get on with starting the work. If anyone has offered to develop ideas, please bring some practice pieces or more developed ideas to our March meeting. We agreed that we may need to keep a couple of future meetings to work co-operatively on the book, depending on the speed of progress.
Several members had started or completed work on our theme of “hidden`”. Any other books please bring along to the March - this has been a stimulating theme.

We then made a carousel or star book. This is a useful structure which can be developed in a large number of ways and always looks most attractive when displayed as an open book.

At our next meeting Chris and Sue will be leading a gelli plate workshop, so please bring any plates that you may have; more information on what to bring will be in a future post. It’s also always a good idea to wear old or protective clothing when printmaking as no-one can guarantee no ink transfers.

Members remain keen to share their expertise in various book forms, and Sue has offered a workshop on a Jacob’s Ladder, whilst Jac has been investigating flexagrams and will show us how to make a woven concertina; both these for a future date.

Our next meeting is on March 7th in Room 1, 10.30-1.30 at Liverpool Central Library.
The next Stitch and Hobby trade fair is in Birmingham NEC 19-20 March 2020

The latest from Eric 

Still alive and kicking. We still go fires though and the weather is changing every day. This is and area that burnt a couple of months ago.
We are also getting assorts of different wild life in the garden.
More later
No worries

Monday, 3 February 2020

Embroiderers NW Regional Day 2020

Saturday April 25th LACE Conference centre Sefton Park

£30 including lunch & morning and afternoon refreshments. 

As promised,  flyers and booking details for the Merseyside embroiderers day of speakers and exhibitions.

Our work representing Tudor Speke Hall, which will go to Speke Hall later this year will be exhibited.  There will also be embroidery competition entries,  a raffle for hand made bags, stalls selling sewing items, and handcrafted work.

The main speakers are
Linda Miller  
Machine embroidery 

Michele Carragher   
Costume maker and embroiderer for tv and film 
To find all details of the Merseyside Embroiderers Regional day of speakers,  exhibitions and craft stalls see:-

Look for   '2020 NW reg'   in the black strip near the top of the page.
2020 Northwest Regional Day.

As promised,  a photograph of the Merseyside Embroiderers guild group work,  in progress.   It will be a piece that can be hung and is approximately 1metre by 1m 20cm.  There will be other pieces for the exhibition at Speke done by individual members, and we hope to have most of them ready for our event at LACE Conference centre on April 25th

Sunday, 29 December 2019


It was great to see so many of us up for the challenge of making a criss cross accordion especially early in January. This make needs careful measurement to ensure a pleasing result, but we all came away with a finished book. If you want a refresher, you can find it here:              It is a bit over-decorated maybe for UK makers, but the basics are all there.

Much discussion also centred on the  Magellan project and our on-going plans. We still wait to hear if our proposal has been accepted, but in the meantime we are continuing to work up the book. Marilyn had tried dyeing with cloves, which gave a lovely dark brown but was expensive. An alternative may be available using red ochre-on-going experiments will take place. Please continue with your research and we’ll have a further discussion at our February meeting when we may have an answer as to our acceptance, or not.

Many of us were worried about our Australian member, Eric, and his wife Jackie, who live in the area surrounded by bush fires. Fortunately we can report that Eric and Jackie are OK, if a little too close to the fires for comfort, so we send our very best wishes to them for a safe end to the fires.

The theme for the next two months is ‘hidden’, and we look forward to seeing your ideas at our March meeting.


Saturday, 14 December 2019

Christmas 2019

Notes from December 2019 meeting

Illness and a busy life caused us to be few in number, ‘though great in the Christmas spirit this month! We had an in-depth and through-provoking discussion about our Magellan piece, led by Jac but with plenty of contributions from those present. It should be a fascinating joint piece, and one we can all be proud of. We recognised that as this is an exhibition piece which will travel to other venues, we need to produce our best work and give thought to our individual strengths and weaknesses. Please have a think about what you might contribute as we shall be discussing this again in January. Contributions might include, for example, pieces of work related to the sea, calligraphy, the age of exploration, Magellan and his voyage, spices or anything you can come up with. Be aware that we will need pieces to be largely one dimensional.

We showed our work in progress, including a very delicate and intricate tunnel book from Frances which has made great use of stone paper. We decided to keep back the swap books to January, so please bring to the meeting a wrapped book to swap if you wish. We’ll also have time in January to exchange or donate materials or equipment you have no further need of.

There’s a good programme for 2020, including a piano hinge book, a folded album and some tiny book ear-rings, so we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope to see you well fed and rested on January 4th.


Thought you may like this. After visiting my studio a person returned with a some pictures in frames and asked if I had any use for them? They was nice prints and frames. I packed them away and went on my travels.

On returning and now getting up to speed I got them out. I did not want to hang them up as I only hang my work and other artists I have exchanged work with. After having moved them them about I though it would be a shame to take the prints out of the frames.  Eric

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Christmas Fairies Workshop

As I mentioned I've recently got a studio space where I can invite people along to play and get creative. I shall be doing stained glass in my studio which can accommodate 4 people doing glass. So, the classes will be small and friendly.

There is also a larger meeting room that will hold 10 to 15 people and I will be running different classes here. 

Starting with Christmas fairies. 

The class is at 2pm to 4.30pm on Saturday, 9th November at Make Hamilton Square, 2 Cleveland Street, CH41 6ND. The cost is £15. All materials provided and refreshments.

Please let me know if you are coming so I can plan accordingly. I've attached some pictures of the sort of thing you will make but each one will be individual.
Hope to see you.
Kind regards,