Monday, 13 June 2022

Mini Album

On Sat 4 June 2022, a select few members of the NWBA (Bank Holiday Weekend) met to make a book structure known as an "Mini Album" book. The session was lead by Frances who demonstrated how to make 4 variations of the album by using thread, paper spacers and alternative spines and covers.



 We followed with a "show and tell" of handmade books on the current theme of 'Biscuits' as revealed by Jac's paper sphere. 

Julie talked about making a "Jumping Jack" and showed us a video made on its movement.

The next meeting is at 10:30-12:30, on Sat. 2 July 2022, at the Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool where members will learn how to make an Orb demonstrated by Rose.

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Belted Book

A full meeting room this month, and it was great to welcome back some old friends post pandemic.

We made a book developed by David Hedgeblower from the Marches Book Arts Group, which he has called “Belt Up”. It’ s a simple book in theory, although simple books are often not the easiest to make, and enables us to use single pages, very useful for prints. Some of us played about with extending the binding to wrap around the book, and it was suggested that we could in
crease the numbers of belts.   Plenty to play with.

Marilyn collected the sewn Magellan strips to pass on to Jac. They are planning to meet and pin together the whole scroll very shortly. The images have worked really very well and we’ll enjoy seeing the whole book very soon. It was agreed that we would store the scroll in a long box, folded over, as this seems safer than leaving it rolled up.

Several members shared their work, and Chris had written a long and very humerous poem about   ‘this’ll come in useful’, accompanying it with a book using some of her scraps. This has been a very successful theme and enables us to use up some of those useful bits. 

The current theme is ''round”, and some members showed their work on this theme.

Our next meeting is on May 7th, when we hope that Jac will lead us in making a simplified dragon scale book

Tuesday, 8 March 2022


 Amazingly for once the sun shone on us as we travelled to our monthly meeting. Must be Spring.

Jac had brought along most of the Magellan strips with the images already tacked on, and she gave us a quick demo of how to stitch them onto the backing. We had a go at sewing, and those of us who are able took away our strips ready to get on with sewing. More strips are available from Jac between meetings if you’re a quick sewer. It was wonderful to see the scroll beginning to take shape - we’re getting there! Thanks to everyone who has contributed in whatever way, we’ll try to acknowledge you when exhibiting.

The rest of our meeting was led by Julie, and we made a book/wallet from Hedi Kyle, which is really great as a travel diary/sketchbook. We all managed to complete the book, a tribute to Julie’s skills as teacher.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday April 2nd at the Quaker meeting house in Liverpool. It’s a lovely space and fully accessible, and you would be most welcome to join us.

 First visit is free, and currently £5 a month thereafter.
Do have a look at our new website:

Monday, 7 February 2022

Lantern and New Website 2022

On another rather wet and windy Saturday, North West Book Artists met at the Quaker Meeting House next door to the Bluecoat Chambers.  With Metal dies and Sissix Cutting Machines  that 2 of our members kindly brought along,  some of us made a paper lantern, which looked great when there is a light put inside. Others prepared pages for future books. 

For those interested in making nature-themed books they were a great choice and we all loved the results. 



At our show and tell session later, Frances showed us two very intricate small books made with walnut-dyed paper, which again looked great with the light behind them. 


Jac had completed a triangular book on one of our previous themes of the journey between home and our meeting, and Julie showed us a new book style she had been investigating which she is willing to teach at our March meeting if time allows. 

March will be mostly given over to working towards the completion of our Magellan scroll, and sewing it together once Jac has demonstrated how to do it. We for see wintry evenings with needle in hand, but it’s so good to feel we are ‘nearly’ there with the biggest co-operative piece of work any of us have ever attempted.

A final discussion saw Jac volunteering to develop a website for us, and Frances adding a Twitter feed to this blog she already produces. Along with our Instagram account (northwestbookartists) this will complete our social media presence.

Check out our new website by selecting the above link.

At our next meeting we look forward to seeing work in the theme of “this will come in useful”, for we know all of us have materials stuffed into drawers that come under this heading!   

New Members 

If you’re enjoying reading this blog and would like to know what we actually do in the meetings, do come along one Saturday for a trial session as you’d be very welcome. We have no membership, only paying a monthly fee of £5  to cover the cost of the room. 

Meetings run from 10.30-12.30. If you’d like to know more you can contact us via this blog.





Lantern Instructions.       Materials

Dark card …. 4, cut to 5 ¼” x 5 ¼” (You could use white if your background is dark)

Dark card …. 1, cut to 6” x 6”

Dark card …. 1, cut to 4 ¾” x 4 ¾” 


Vellum, parchment or acetate .... 5, cut to 4 ½” x 4 ½” (All could be shaded using coloured pencils, paints, alcohol markers etc).

I used Clarity Fresh Cut Dies, 5 square 4” dies, If you use a different shape die just allow 1 ¼” larger than the die for your card size.


Box Sides…. Score ½” on 2 adjoining sides of the 5 ¼” cards and cut out a slight slither from top right and bottom left and cut out the square at bottom right. (Fig 1)

Place the die in the centre of the square formed by the score lines NOT THE CENTRE OF THE CARD and cut. Keep the cards the same way round ie creases to the bottom and RH side.


Score ½” on all 4 sides of the 6” x 6” card and make one cut up the bottom right square created by the score lines. Turn card 90 degrees until you’ve made 4 cuts in total. (Fig 1a)

Place the die in the centre of the square formed by the score lines .


Once all sides and top are cut, glue parchment/vellum on the back of each panel. (use kitchen roll to press down in order to mop up any glue).

When all panels and lid are stuck, re-crease all folds and stick double-sided tape to the flaps.

Place the 4 ¾” base card on the back of the first panel and carefully fold the bottom flap over the base.

Stick all 4 sides on the base which will form the shape of a cross. (Fig 2) Remove tape and bring each side up in turn to attach to the next side. This will create the box.

Fold the flaps of the lid and join. Place a battery tea light inside the box and add the lid.


Monday, 17 January 2022

Ring Bound Star Book.

Despite a really horrible, wet day on Saturday 8th January, the hardy members of North West Book Artists made it to the Quaker meeting rooms in Liverpool for the first meeting of the year.  We had generously been given a much larger room than usual to allow for social distancing, and we’d all done a lateral flow test before attending. 

Thanks to everyone for keeping us all safe.

Jac led us in making a small star-type book, which she says can be sized up if necessary. 



 Small books can be much harder to make than larger ones, but we all completed a final version. Thanks to Jac for sharing her design. 


Jac also had a good idea for the theme for the next 2 months, which is 

“It’ll come in useful”

How much that resonates with so many of us as we tidy up our working space for the new year ahead.

 We also exchanged surplus supplies. This is usual for us in January but we welcome donations, sales and swaps at any meeting.

Progress has been made with Magellan despite the Christmas activities, and soon we shall begin sewing our book.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 5th February when Chris and others will be bringing in cutting dies to see what inspiration they can bring. 

If you read this blog regularly 

and want to come along and see what we do,

 please do come and join us.