Sunday, 1 July 2018

NWBA Book Art Stall

This month started with us sharing a table with Simon Ryder (Frankenstein exhibition organiser) at MakeFest in the Hornby Room at the library. A busy day in a stiflingly hot room, but lots of interest in our demos and explanations/examples. Big thanks to Wendy and Jane for helping out.  

The following busy week-end saw us not only have  an open monthly meeting in the same Hornby Room but also attend the Liverpool Book Art Fair for two full days. A very big thank you to all who volunteered and helped, including Wendy who kindly acted as treasurer at the end of Saturday and on Sunday morning, and also helped me put things up and take them down again. Although it was warm it was not too hot, and we hope that everyone who helped out at our table enjoyed the experience, there was some great book art there. Hopefully you also found the Marches Book Arts stall and chatted to our fellow makers from the Borders. We spoke to lots of people who are interested in what we do, and maybe some of those people will join us.   

In our meeting we made scroll books, and some very inventive books were either fully realised or started. Although in essence a simple book form, scroll books can be as imaginative and complicated as any other book, and are an ideal choice if you have a long narrative. Good for newcomers to book art as well, as there are no complicated folds to consider. We heard this week-end that Antigone, one of our newest members, will be leaving Liverpool this summer. We’ll miss you Antigone, but hope you have a great time in London and pop up to see us occasionally

In August we’ll be making a book which is ideal for the travellers and scribblers amongst you - more details coming soon!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Croxtoth Park

On Thursday July 14th,  a select group from our Book Art enjoyed a very informative and  charming guided tour of Croxteth Hall's historic walled garden.  Jim Cable,  the Headgardener, walked us around in beautiful sunshine,  explaining his plans  for the garden, and a little of its history.  Many photos were taken, and we enjoyed a cup of tea at the gardener's picnic table.  Plans for producing some garden inspired art work to sell and display at The National Garden Scheme Open Day, Sunday August 26th, in Croxteth Hall Victorian Walled Garden can now go ahead!    If you were unable to make this visit,  and would like to see the garden, it is open to the public 7 days a week.   Tickets from Croxteth Hall shop.

Make Fest - June 30th, Central library Hornby Room, 9-5

We all agreed to share a table with Simon Ryder, promoting the following week’s Book Art Fair, at this event. We now have the opportunity to use 3 tables and do more making at the event but in order to do this we need some volunteers as currently Marilyn will be doing it on her own. So please, even if you could only spare an hour or so at some point in the day, and especially if you could do a demo of something related to book art,  let Marilyn know via

Book Arts Fair, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July.  
Volunteers still needed please, especially on Sunday  8th. Again, please contact Marilyn if you can help, and thanks to those who have already volunteered.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018



We welcomed Michelle, a visitor from New Zealand, and Ellie from the Marches Book Arts Group to the meeting.  There was a smaller turnout than usual due to a mixture of holidays, illness, transport problems and family commitments

Those of us who made it had a great time making the ' teabag book '. This is a versatile format which can be used as a hanging book, which could be useful when exhibition space is limited. It also lends itself to different sizes fairly easily. Members went away to have a go at customising the format, so watch this space.

We discussed the MakeFest festival day, Saturday June 30th, 9-5pm. If anyone can cover a time slot please let Marilyn know. It involves talking to people and maybe some simple book making.

The Liverpool Book Art Fair (Saturday July 7th-Sunday July 8th) coincides with our next meeting, which will be held in the Hornby Room (1st floor of the library) amongst the Frankenstein exhibition and will be an open meeting. Volunteers to help look after the NWBA table at the Fair are needed, so again please contact Marilyn via   if you can help, and thanks to all those who have already volunteered.

Members are invited to submit two books for display/sale, although you may send more and we will display them if there is space. Please use the form attached and pack your books securely in a box with your name on-this is important for those of us packing up. As we do not have a meeting prior to the book fair, you will need to get the books to Marilyn before Saturday July 6th if at all possible. Please contact her via the email address and she will give you details of where to send them. Alternatively, you can bring them to Croxteth on June 14th (see below), or bring them early on the morning of Saturday July 6th, but if too many of you do this it will make setting up very difficult!

Entry Form -copy then paste to print

If anyone has any photos on the subject of 'fragments' please send them in.


My snails have also been busy for me the last couple of weeks creating paper fragments.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Case Bound Book Pt 2

The above undescriptive link will take you to 3 interesting  Youtube videos that have been recently filmed  featuring  Estella Scholes talking about her latest exhibition in North Wales.

May meeting notes

Sue had completed a mock-up of the front cover for the Journeys collaborative book. Many thanks to her.  She will now complete the cover to her own timetable. 

After much discussion about forthcoming exhibitions, we agreed to take up Simon’s offer of two meetings in the Hornby Room for July and August. The July meeting clashes with the Liverpool Book Arts Fair, so we will have to have a rota of volunteers to cover our table on Saturday Morning. We have sufficient funds in hand to pay for the table. Members can send more than one book for exhibit if they wish, but we will prioritise two from each member. Small to medium sized books work well as we only have one table.

Plans for the Croxteth garden visit have been confirmed as the afternoon of Thursday June 14th, meeting at 1 pm. However anyone wanting to arrive earlier in the morning could meet, picnic or lunch in the cafe. The visit to  Harrocks wood, Irby  will now take place in September to take advantage of the Autumn season.

We planned to make only the cover of our case bound book this meeting, but members made such good progress that Chris, who had taught herself to complete the casing-in, led us in finishing our books this session. Congratulations all round, especially to Chris who showed us a beautiful example. Our progress this session means that we can free up a later session to make books suitable for non-members to make in July and August, details to be confirmed. 

The site that Chris used for completing her case-bound book is at Useful if you missed this meeting and a very straightforward explanation.

Following the discussion about boiled or steamed paper, there is  an interesting link here: for anyone wanting to have a go.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Moths and Calligraphy

Saturday April 7th saw a storm of moths descend on our meeting in preparation for the Frankenstein exhibition shortly to be held in the Central Library’s Hornby Room. Although some members found working on a book about the ills of the world challenging, others had enjoyed getting some pet hates down on paper. The result is a colourful and thoughtful display as seen below.

 Thanks to everyone for their contributions which ranged from books to display items. You’ll be able to visit the exhibition from May 2018.  Our very newest member, Antigoni, also contributed a book, a great effort for her first meeting.

After discussion about staging the Frankenstein exhibit we also discussed the Croxteth Park exhibition in August for which we will have a pre-exhibition visit,  date to be arranged soon.

The design and making of a visitor’s book was discussed for the 'Endeavour' exhibition (both led by Brenda) and the planned woodland visit with Frances, date to be finalised.

The second part of our meeting was run by Sue Maloney who led a design workshop on making a label for our  collaborative 'Journeys'  map book. The group has rarely been so quiet as we all enjoyed a peaceful colouring, sticking and glueing session!  Sue has the unenviable task of translating 20 different ideas into a calligraphic label. 

Some members expressed interest in Calligraphy, this is a skill set that requires several lessons before you can get started.  Here is a link to the 'North West Calligraphy Society' where they offer lessons for beginners.

Our book theme for the next two months is “fragments”, although as ever there is no requirement for you to make a book if this idea does not ignite your imagination.