Friday, 8 July 2022

Paper Orbs


Although there was some apprehension beforehand about making   'Paper Orbs',   Rose lead us expertly through the process, using templates to help. 

Some lovely results, see photos, and inspiration for making them in different styles and sizes.  Chris managed to make a smaller one during the session but it would be easier if the proportions were worked out beforehand. Paper vlues will also differ depending on size.  Thanks to Rose for a very relaxing session. 

We discussed the possibility of the Magellan scroll being displayed at the Liverpool maritime museum, and Marilyn promised to contact them to see if they might be interested.

The theme of “Biscuit” produced some interesting books; a chocolate one from Frances (actually walnut ink), a Jammie Dodger- inspired one from Jac, and one celebrating tea and Biscuit (the cat) from Marilyn. 

Kath showed us a neat interesting book from the previous theme of “round”, and was ‘ volunteered’ to demonstrate it at a future session. We all agreed that a tin of biscuits would make a great exhibit, and so will continue to make biscuit books to add to the collection.

Jac will lead our August meeting with a demonstration of her 'hinge'  book.

Template for Orb below :

x3 pieces {Score around Blue shapes}
Biscuit : Chocolate Birds

Thursday, 7 July 2022

Dragon Scales

We had an interesting morning making a modified dragon scale book courtesy of Jac, a really useful format that has many possible applications but needs patience and careful cutting!   

Our Magellan scroll book is at last complete, and we gave it a formal unrolling in the atrium in the Quaker Meeting House meeting house...
See video for literally the big may have to download to play.

It’s great to have the book complete, and congratulations are due to all members who contributed. All we need to do now is find an exhibition space……

Our theme of  ‘ROUND'  produced some interesting books, including some paper orbs from Rose, a Grimm tale from Jac with interesting spine tabs, and a couple of books from Julie that inspired our next theme .... BISCUITS.   Look out for photos and you’ll see what we mean. None of the themes is obligatory, some inspire us and some not, but that’s part of the interest.

Frances will lead and demonstrate  our next meeting on June 4th as Marilyn is away.

Monday, 13 June 2022

Mini Album

On Sat 4 June 2022, a select few members of the NWBA (Bank Holiday Weekend) met to make a book structure known as an "Mini Album" book. The session was lead by Frances who demonstrated how to make 4 variations of the album by using thread, paper spacers and alternative spines and covers.



 We followed with a "show and tell" of handmade books on the current theme of 'Biscuits' as revealed by Jac's paper sphere. 

Julie talked about making a "Jumping Jack" and showed us a video made on its movement.

The next meeting is at 10:30-12:30, on Sat. 2 July 2022, at the Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool where members will learn how to make an Orb demonstrated by Rose.

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Belted Book

A full meeting room this month, and it was great to welcome back some old friends post pandemic.

We made a book developed by David Hedgeblower from the Marches Book Arts Group, which he has called “Belt Up”. It’ s a simple book in theory, although simple books are often not the easiest to make, and enables us to use single pages, very useful for prints. Some of us played about with extending the binding to wrap around the book, and it was suggested that we could in
crease the numbers of belts.   Plenty to play with.

Marilyn collected the sewn Magellan strips to pass on to Jac. They are planning to meet and pin together the whole scroll very shortly. The images have worked really very well and we’ll enjoy seeing the whole book very soon. It was agreed that we would store the scroll in a long box, folded over, as this seems safer than leaving it rolled up.

Several members shared their work, and Chris had written a long and very humerous poem about   ‘this’ll come in useful’, accompanying it with a book using some of her scraps. This has been a very successful theme and enables us to use up some of those useful bits. 

The current theme is ''round”, and some members showed their work on this theme.

Our next meeting is on May 7th, when we hope that Jac will lead us in making a simplified dragon scale book

Tuesday, 8 March 2022


 Amazingly for once the sun shone on us as we travelled to our monthly meeting. Must be Spring.

Jac had brought along most of the Magellan strips with the images already tacked on, and she gave us a quick demo of how to stitch them onto the backing. We had a go at sewing, and those of us who are able took away our strips ready to get on with sewing. More strips are available from Jac between meetings if you’re a quick sewer. It was wonderful to see the scroll beginning to take shape - we’re getting there! Thanks to everyone who has contributed in whatever way, we’ll try to acknowledge you when exhibiting.

The rest of our meeting was led by Julie, and we made a book/wallet from Hedi Kyle, which is really great as a travel diary/sketchbook. We all managed to complete the book, a tribute to Julie’s skills as teacher.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday April 2nd at the Quaker meeting house in Liverpool. It’s a lovely space and fully accessible, and you would be most welcome to join us.

 First visit is free, and currently £5 a month thereafter.
Do have a look at our new website: