Saturday, 20 October 2018

Woodland - Reflection

Those of us who made it to the wood on Saturday October 6th found that all dire warnings of travel and weather did not materialise.  (That is not say public transport would have been so easy.)   In the event because everyone was somewhere else ie. watching the Giants we few had the woodland to ourselves for the whole radiant  morning.

After our coffee we assembled at the entrance to the wood.  We gave ourselves an hour to quietly potter or sit and contemplate where we were without any agenda .  This can be challenging to some but surprisingly everyone went with the flow and found the experience a gentle enriching one.

Marilyn did some very interesting tree rubbings which I had not seen done before..

Those who could not make the visit, hopefuly will or have already  visited their own  special place and be able to produce a folding book to show at  our December meeting the subject of which will be................... 'REFLECTION'.

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