Friday, 24 May 2019

Paul Johnson Pop Up Workshop

“Thanks for organising yesterday's course. A lovely group of people.
Thanks again.

I think we all left the pop up workshop rather tired but with our heads stuffed full of the possibilities of different folds and pop up possibilities - I know I did. 

A really well-run day during which we all learned a lot and managed to keep up the momentum even after lunch. It was good to see and handle some of Paul’s own, intricate and sizeable, work; such vibrant colours and interesting structures. Unusually for a workshop was  the encouragement not to use exact measurments and to deviate fron the examples he gave us. 

 Something tells me we may well see Paul again in the future.

There was not time in this session to do our usual show and tell, although I saw some lovely work from various people that I hope they will bring along in July and onwards. Don’t forget to bring work on our current theme, recycling and renewal, to the next meeting. 

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