Sunday, 29 December 2019


It was great to see so many of us up for the challenge of making a criss cross accordion especially early in January. This make needs careful measurement to ensure a pleasing result, but we all came away with a finished book. If you want a refresher, you can find it here:              It is a bit over-decorated maybe for UK makers, but the basics are all there.

Much discussion also centred on the  Magellan project and our on-going plans. We still wait to hear if our proposal has been accepted, but in the meantime we are continuing to work up the book. Marilyn had tried dyeing with cloves, which gave a lovely dark brown but was expensive. An alternative may be available using red ochre-on-going experiments will take place. Please continue with your research and we’ll have a further discussion at our February meeting when we may have an answer as to our acceptance, or not.

Many of us were worried about our Australian member, Eric, and his wife Jackie, who live in the area surrounded by bush fires. Fortunately we can report that Eric and Jackie are OK, if a little too close to the fires for comfort, so we send our very best wishes to them for a safe end to the fires.

The theme for the next two months is ‘hidden’, and we look forward to seeing your ideas at our March meeting.


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