Friday, 21 February 2020

Gelli Plates

An interesting and productive discussion about the Magellan project and our various contributions, which we need to get on with turning into some actual work now. Jac agreed to bring to the next meeting some lengths of the cloth so that we can make an individual start on our various projects. If anyone would like some material dyed in either cinnamon (pale brown)m cloves (darker brown) or red ochre (deep red/brown), please let Marilyn know either at the next meeting or via email so that she can dye the necessary amounts.

We agreed that all our work will need to be either in or on textiles so that the completed piece can be rolled up. Various group members have appropriate stencils for the cold, temperate and hot stages pf the voyage, and it would be good to see some actual examples at the next meeting.

Jac has helpfully provided some online links for anyone who would to read up about the voyage.

This first link gives a contents list in blue, if you click on the bit of the book you want it takes you there

Pigafetta was the diarist who went on the voyage. I think some of the translation has been bowdlerised by Lord Stanley for a contemporary (1874) audience

You have to work on line to use this document but you can copy and paste bits into a word document if you want to save them

Also found this link in project Guttenberg.........

It’s meant to be an accessible account of the voyage written in 1899 using the Stanley translations as a source. I’ve not read it but you can download it and read it off line

Fee Changes
We discussed the impending increase in fees and changes in booking systems at the central library, and will think about alternatives; we have a year to sort this.
Other books discussed were on the theme of hidden which has inspired lots of interesting books. We forgot to sort out a theme for the next two months, so will do so at out next meeting, and if, due to the dreaded C virus, we can’t meet, by email.

Gelli plate printing, led by Sue and Chris, went very well with much mess mess than we might have anticipated-careful prep and what tidy workers! We saw some lovely examples, and owe big thanks to both leaders for sharing their expertise and tools so readily.

Next meeting ... April
Dear members
Having thought long and hard about holding our April meeting, and taken advice from those medically qualified, we’ve decided to cancel our April meeting and will meet again in May, fingers crossed. We cancel with a very heavy heart as you can imagine, but safety first. 

Please continue to work on your Magellan ideas, maybe practicing on some cloth of your own whilst you wait for the book cloth, or on paper. We will give the whole of the May meeting over to Magellan, so something to look forward to. 

Our theme for the next 2 months will be “A B C”, so you might like to have a go at something for that too.
Please don‘t hesitate to contact me if you need anything for Magellan, or more information about our meeting

Note from Simon Ryder

Please find attached an invitation to our upcoming ‘Spring Clean’ selling show of paintings & prints at Editions Art Gallery Cook St. Liverpool . These are all works that Steve Walkinshaw & I (Simon Ryder ) have (separately) collected over the years, which no longer fit as part of our collections. There will be bargains! All monies will be re-invested in Liverpool Book Art activities.

There’ll also be a select exhibition of Book Art (not for sale).

Private View is Thursday 9th April, and the show will run until 9th May.

I’ll also be arranging a couple of talks during the show’s duration.

We hope to see you at the PV. If you can’t make it then, please visit at another time. Also please share this invitation and tell anyone else you think might be interested.

Kind regards

Simon Ryder

Frans finished Tunnel Book

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