Sunday, 11 August 2019

Image Transfer

We had a fun time at our August meeting playing with image transfer, finding out what works and what doesn’t, and what might suit our own style.

We were also able to look at and try out some new papers, notably Kraft-Tex and Stone Paper.   Stone paper (literally made with crushed stone and a binder) can be used in much the same way as Yupo paper but us at present only available form a few suppliers. The best we can find so far is A Good Company, based in Sweden.
If you use this link,, and maybe mention Marilyn’s name, you will get a 15% discount.

This paper will work with alcohol inks and has a lively feel, very smooth. It’s also foldable and washable as is the Kraft-Tex paper, and cuts very well with no furry edges.

In terms of image transfer, we all agreed that using gel medium or white acrylic paint is the most straightforward process, alongside heavy duty sellotape transfer. More details are available on the blog.

Cath brought some work from a workshop given by Elizabeth Willow making books from screenprints at Hot Bed Press.

Marilyn reminded us it is time to think about 'summer' in our longterm woodland themed  series with a Flag Book using cyan printed images.

It was suggested that everyone over  the next few weeks try and produce several a5 eco rust prints  with a view to creating a  joint hanging installation. Do not panic instructions to follow.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Urgent request

If you could help at the Croxteth event on Sunday August 25th, Bank Holiday Sunday, taking the books and setting up, then being on the stall until Marilyn and Sue can get there (2pm latest), please let Marilyn know by  August 7th please. Many thanks.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Flag Books

This month we made flag books together. I always enjoy making them, partly because they have real movement built in, and partly because they enable us to use up those small bits of paper left over from other projects.

If you want to make one and weren’t able to join us this session, Alisa Golden has a basic instruction in her book “Making hand-made books, 100+bindings, structures and forms”. After you’ve made one according to instructions, you can mess about with sizes etc as long as you keep to the proportions.

We also saw some great books on the subject of Recycle and Renew, Jac’s being particularly admired, and look forward to seeing more of them as time goes on. The theme for the September meeting is “Cuttings”.

Please note that there will not be a Liverpool Book Arts Fair this year as Simon is having a well-deserved year off. Manchester may happen, but no definite details as.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Paul Johnson Pop Up Workshop

“Thanks for organising yesterday's course. A lovely group of people.
Thanks again.

I think we all left the pop up workshop rather tired but with our heads stuffed full of the possibilities of different folds and pop up possibilities - I know I did. 

A really well-run day during which we all learned a lot and managed to keep up the momentum even after lunch. It was good to see and handle some of Paul’s own, intricate and sizeable, work; such vibrant colours and interesting structures. Unusually for a workshop was  the encouragement not to use exact measurments and to deviate fron the examples he gave us. 

 Something tells me we may well see Paul again in the future.

There was not time in this session to do our usual show and tell, although I saw some lovely work from various people that I hope they will bring along in July and onwards. Don’t forget to bring work on our current theme, recycling and renewal, to the next meeting. 

Friday, 10 May 2019

May wkshop pt2

There was  considerable  good work produced on the subject of 'The Sea'  at the 'show and tell'  this month, the photos deserved a seperate blog.

Alcohol ink on metal