Sunday, 2 December 2018

Christmas 2018 pt 2

Although small in number,  7,  our Christmas meeting was full of cheer and inspirational work.  We had some wonderful samples of work to pass round . I (Fran) was delighted to see how everyone had engaged with the woodland theme, either by visiting Harrocks Wood or a woodland close to home. The response was very creative with lots of different techniques represented.

Sue showed us a book made from a Sizzix die which used faux leather to great effect.

We disc
ussed the ideas that members would like to explore in 2019, and these include blizzard books (thanks Jac for volunteering to demonstrate this useful format), and a threaded accordion.

Paul Jackson’s visit in June
was discussed, and names of people attending taken. We currently have 11 of 20 places taken up, with three non members on a reserve list, so if you wish to come to this session please let Marilyn know at the January meeting at the latest. The session will run from 10-4pm and an extended room has been booked for the event to give us plenty of space.

We made greetings books for each other during the session, a good reminder of an enjoyable session. Although perhaps early, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and lots of making in the New Year.

We shall be meeting as usual on January 5th, but please note that we will be making a charge of £5 for meetings as from that month.

Message from Eric........who has at last made it home.

 "Thank you for sending the news paper clip. It good to come a cross like mind people and I find it very inspiring looking at other people’s work.  We are now back in Ulladulla after a week of travel and managing to avoid severe weather very lucky.  It sounds like December’s meeting went well.  I enjoy attending when I am over there.  I would like to be there for the pop up workshop as he is and excellent teacher.
    Anyway I like to thank all at North West Book Arts for making me most welcome.
Until next time have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year"

Ulladulla Bay

Saturday December 1st is officially the meteorological start of winter, so anyone following our woodland theme,  have 3 months  to create something to represent their chosen woodland in Winter.

As there is so much interest in leaf and rust printing I will add a couple of pages on different techniques  for the January blog.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Christmas 2018

Saturday December 1st  sees our Christmas meeting happening rather early this year, but please bring a long a small amount of food to share,  small is important as no-one wants to take it all home again!

We won’t be making a new book  this month, but please bring along a book with blank pages in any style you fancy making. It needs to have a minimum of 10  pages in total,  ie 20 pages if we count each side. Please also bring along any work in progress to share, especially any work on the Harracks Wood visit.  You’ll need stamps, markers, paints, or anything else you fancy playing with! It would be useful to bring your cutting mat and the usual knife, scissors etc as well.

We’ll be discussing next year’s programme so please come prepared to contribute ideas. Paul Johnson has been booked for our June meeting, which will increase the cost to a one-off £20, but this is for a whole day with a very well known book maker. We’ll need to have a commitment from people by January at the latest as we need to fill all 20 places, and will need a deposit in February. We already have a commitment from 3 Mbag members, which is great.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

November Notes

A change to our scheduled room meant we were a little constrained for space, but that turned out to be a good thing as we were able to help one another through the coptic stitch or chain binding that our friend Elizabeth Willow came to show us.  

This is a very useful binding for single pages, or for fairly small signatures, as we used for this exercise. Despite the relative complexity of learning the binding, everyone managed to complete a book, and went away armed with Elizabeth’s advice to make at least 6 more for practice, by which time the binding should be well embedded in our memories. As ever, Elizabeth was a very patient and calm teacher and we loved having her with us again.


Elizabeth recommended the new book by Hedi Kyle, entitled ‘The Art of the Fold’.

This podcast references Hedi Kyle and the book mentioned in our notes:

The Art of the Fold.


Shown works included ‘Tracks ‘, by Jackie and some leaf dyed work by Joyce, or books in the making ( including Harrocks Wood by Brenda) . Eric once again amazed us all by his industry and enthusiasm for all things book-related. Chris had brought some lovely hand-made papers to sell at extremely reasonable prices, and many of us took up the opportunity to restock.


 We briefly discussed the Manchester Artists’ Book Fair, and also the programme for next year. Everyone agreed that Paul Johnson, who is a very well-respected pop-up bookmaker amongst his many other skills, would make a great day, and we agreed to see if he could come along to our June 2019 Saturday, making the event a 10 - 4 session. This will mean an extra cost to the session to cover Paul’s fees. More details to follow.

Frances has been doing some experiements in rust printing paper. She will bring some samples for the next workshop.

Our next meeting is on the 1st of December, with more information to follow in a blog post nearer the time, but please bring along a blank book of at least 20 pages; it need not be very complicated but be ready for use.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

November Workshop

Saturday 20th October saw Marilyn at the Manchester Artists Book Fair, which started at 11 and went on until 7, although she wimped out at 6.30pm! Cath came along for the first hour or so and helped set up. The venue was a new one for the fair and was...interesting! Usually a cafe with books, it had 20 tables closely packed in, but unfortunately it was dark inside, in fact too dark to see some of the writing in the books clearly which was a shame. This has been reported to the organisers. Footfall was lower than usual for Manchester, but a big protest march in the adjacent square and a Manchester City home game didn’t help. She still managed to sell a few books, and it was great as always to see other book makers, some familiar faces and some not. And talking of familiar faces, who was this that Marilyn bumped into right outside the venue?

Yes, just as we thought Eric was safely tucked up in Aus , he reappeared in Manchester! The sad reason for this is a relapse in terms of his father-in-law’s health, but it was great to see him again and he hopes to be at our November meeting before making another bid for freedom!

November meeting, Saturday November 3rd, meeting room 2 in Liverpool Central Library

We shall have Elizabeth Willow with us to take us through a codex binding, a really useful binding method and very ancient indeed. Many of you will remember Elizabeth from last November, and we’re delighted she can rejoin us this year. Elizabeth has asked that you bring the following items: 

cutting board, knives, ruler, pencil, needles if you have them, scissors and awl. She will generously supply the paper.


*Please note that Chris will be bringing along some mulberry papers for sale, many at very reasonable prices, so bring your purses. Cash only sales please.
There are a lot of large sheets, some embroidered and some with leaves in,(none more than £2.50) and some assorted A5 & A6 packs along with 4 covered A4 boxes full of various sizes which would be good for a crafty gift. (7.50)

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Woodland - Reflection

Those of us who made it to the wood on Saturday October 6th found that all dire warnings of travel and weather did not materialise.  (That is not say public transport would have been so easy.)   In the event because everyone was somewhere else ie. watching the Giants we few had the woodland to ourselves for the whole radiant  morning.

After our coffee we assembled at the entrance to the wood.  We gave ourselves an hour to quietly potter or sit and contemplate where we were without any agenda .  This can be challenging to some but surprisingly everyone went with the flow and found the experience a gentle enriching one.

Marilyn did some very interesting tree rubbings which I had not seen done before..

Those who could not make the visit, hopefuly will or have already  visited their own  special place and be able to produce a folding book to show at  our December meeting the subject of which will be................... 'REFLECTION'.