Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Miniature Books

Our September session will be considering the appeal of miniature books, and we will also be making one in a style which can be ‘bigged up’ to make a full size book if you wish. If anyone has very small or miniature books they would be willing to bring along and share with us, that would be great.
So, for the making part of our meeting you will need the following: 

your usual cutting mat, safety ruler, and knife. Please note that your instructions will be in inches so a ruler to mark inches is important, but it will not be needed for the actual cutting.  

2 pieces of paper, ideally double sided and not too thick, which measure  eleven and three quarter inches by four inches. There will be plenty of measuring to do so bring your glasses if you need them!

We will be finalising details for our offsite visit to Harrocks Wood on the Wirral next month

We’re back to normal this month, meeting in meeting room 2,  4th floor of the central library at 10.30 a.m.

Monday, 6 August 2018

August - Trifold Cards

Firstly sincere apologies for the delayed start of Wendy's workshop on trifold cards.  This was due to a serious administrative error on the part of the library cancelling our booking.  Fortunately we are  capable people and we muddled through and had a very enjoyable morning.  Hopefully by now we have managed to contact anyone who was sent away by the library staff before we got there.

We welcomed Eric back into the country from Australia and he came bearing  gifts and developed ideas.

We discussed several matters,  the highlight  of which was the success of the NWBA table at the LIverpool Book Art Fair.  This success was put down to our prime location at the entrance to the fair otherwise we may not have been seen by so many visitors.  Moneys and books were returned. 

Brenda finalised arrangements for  our table at the Croxteth Park event on 26th August.  Unfortunately with it being a Bank Holiday Weekend not many members will be available to attend. Some very nice work on the garden theme has been made for the event. These were passed around for view.   Great interest was  shown in the technique of Cyanotype used by Kath in her books.   This may be a future subject for a workshop next year.

We welcome our newest and most enthusiastic member........

NB. Septembers topic is  TRACKS

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Croxteth Park, Endeavour Exhibitions and August Workshop

Books on the theme of ‘gardens’ are due at this month’s meeting. The theme was chosen because of our selling exhibition at the Croxteth Open Garden event at the end of August-the 26th, Bank Holiday Sunday.   More details of that event will follow, but if anyone is able to volunteer for an hour or so please let Marilyn know. If you haven’t seen the walled garden yet, it is well worth seeing. Books not brought to the August meeting will need to be posted to Marilyn or brought along on the day; please use the form sent out for Liverpool Book Arts fair so that we know what you are sending and how much you want to charge if you wish to sell your book. Books will also need marking with the price please. Books for exhibit only are also welcome of course.
We have 2 trestle tables for our use.

For our August meeting (10.30 a.m. in the  Hornby Room,  Central Library, Liverpool), Wendy will be leading a session on making a tri-fold book form. For this you will need some A4 card - does not need to be too thick - scissors, pencil, glue, cutting knife and mat and ruler. This is a book that lends itself to decoration with stamps and embellishments, but also is an interesting format  for words, pictures or photos and other ephemera. So, bring along any or all of the above and prepare to have fun. This activity replaces the planned book making, for which Marilyn apologises-she had managed to forget that she will be attending her nephew’s wedding! 

We are very grateful to Wendy for stepping into the breach

Sunday, 1 July 2018

NWBA Book Art Stall

This month started with us sharing a table with Simon Ryder (Frankenstein exhibition organiser) at MakeFest in the Hornby Room at the library. A busy day in a stiflingly hot room, but lots of interest in our demos and explanations/examples. Big thanks to Wendy and Jane for helping out.  

The following busy week-end saw us not only have  an open monthly meeting in the same Hornby Room but also attend the Liverpool Book Art Fair for two full days. A very big thank you to all who volunteered and helped, including Wendy who kindly acted as treasurer at the end of Saturday and on Sunday morning, and also helped me put things up and take them down again. Although it was warm it was not too hot, and we hope that everyone who helped out at our table enjoyed the experience, there was some great book art there. Hopefully you also found the Marches Book Arts stall and chatted to our fellow makers from the Borders. We spoke to lots of people who are interested in what we do, and maybe some of those people will join us.   

In our meeting we made scroll books, and some very inventive books were either fully realised or started. Although in essence a simple book form, scroll books can be as imaginative and complicated as any other book, and are an ideal choice if you have a long narrative. Good for newcomers to book art as well, as there are no complicated folds to consider. We heard this week-end that Antigone, one of our newest members, will be leaving Liverpool this summer. We’ll miss you Antigone, but hope you have a great time in London and pop up to see us occasionally


In August we’ll be making a book which is ideal for the travellers and scribblers amongst you - more details coming soon!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Croxtoth Park

On Thursday July 14th,  a select group from our Book Art enjoyed a very informative and  charming guided tour of Croxteth Hall's historic walled garden.  Jim Cable,  the Headgardener, walked us around in beautiful sunshine,  explaining his plans  for the garden, and a little of its history.  Many photos were taken, and we enjoyed a cup of tea at the gardener's picnic table.  Plans for producing some garden inspired art work to sell and display at The National Garden Scheme Open Day, Sunday August 26th, in Croxteth Hall Victorian Walled Garden can now go ahead!    If you were unable to make this visit,  and would like to see the garden, it is open to the public 7 days a week.   Tickets from Croxteth Hall shop.

Make Fest - June 30th, Central library Hornby Room, 9-5

We all agreed to share a table with Simon Ryder, promoting the following week’s Book Art Fair, at this event. We now have the opportunity to use 3 tables and do more making at the event but in order to do this we need some volunteers as currently Marilyn will be doing it on her own. So please, even if you could only spare an hour or so at some point in the day, and especially if you could do a demo of something related to book art,  let Marilyn know via nwbookmaker@gmail.com.

Book Arts Fair, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July.  
Volunteers still needed please, especially on Sunday  8th. Again, please contact Marilyn if you can help, and thanks to those who have already volunteered.