Sunday, 14 October 2018

Autumn News

Endeavour Exhibition

Here is the Endeavour  link to some superb work.

Eric in Australia has been very busy again and sent details of his latest coptic stiched book.

Thought you may be able to use this. As you know I like to source my materials from Car boot sales, Charity shops and Flea markets when I travel about. Well I picked these items up from difference places but they are by the same company. My attraction to the cards was nature. And the tin ideal for putting specimens in. But when I looked at them I thought there a bit of a theme here.
Hope this of some use. Eric

Usually I do not promote books on this blog but this time is an exception as it perfectly tied in with the woodland visit.    I borrowed this on a request from the library, mainly because of the cost.  Many of you will have heard of Alice Fox from embroidery connections, my main interest is eco dying with rust and natural objects.  

This book covers all interests.  It is beautifully designed and laid out (including textured velveteen cover) with a fair amount of useful information regarding techniques.  It is heavy on white space and large photos and light on text, which initially put me off buying it. BUT...........Once you appreciate how slow and inspired the process is you can see that the book is laid out in the same way requiring thoughtful consideration on the part of the gave me a direction for my own work  BUT......I will still wait for a paperback version.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Autumn Visit

Well done the 5 visitors who made it  to the woodland visit on the Wirral on Saturday.  In the end car travel was not hindered by events and the day turned out a beautiful sunny autumn morning. The event worked well because no one else used the wood except ourselves so was just perfect.

I know those of you travelling by public transport had major concerns so if anyone would still like to come over please get intouch with Marilyn and we can arrange  another visit in the next week or so before our next meeting.

Photos and text to follow in next blog.

Eric in Australia  has been very busy again with his jounals ( he must have no secrets) as the photographs demonstrate below. 

Monday, 17 September 2018

Forthcoming events

Manchester Book Arts Fair 

Arrangements have been made for us to have a table at the Fair on Saturday, October 20th, where the fair will run at Chapter One Books, 19 Lever Street (actually on the corner of where Dale Street crosses Lever Street), Manchester M1 1BY, from 11-7. Anyone wanting to send a book along for the table please get it to Marilyn or bring it along early to the fair itself. Books should be, as usual, priced and in a secure container. Please note that pricing must be on the book itself, usually tied to it in some way, as when books are removed from their protective cover they still need to have a price visible.

Hope you can come along to the preview of my film installation on Friday 5th October
or visit during the week.
Preview 2pm-5pm on the 5th October in the George Henry Lee Building, Liverpool
(where ROAD studios recently moved to)
Exhibition continues until Sunday 14th. Open daily 11am - 5pm
apart from Tuesday

Please find attached invite with information.
best wishes,
Kerry Baldry

Monday, 3 September 2018

September - Mini Books

We enjoyed a busy and enjoyable meeting on the 1st September, welcoming new members to their first meeting, Eric still visiting from Australia and Michelle on her sabbatical from New Zealand. There has been a lot of illness amongst member’s families recently, and we send very best wishes to Sue, Eric, Estella and others.

The Croxteth event on  Bank Holiday Sunday was wet and rather cool,  but we did sell some books, amazingly. Such a shame when Brenda and others had worked so hard. Thanks to Janet for helping out. Brenda is also heavily involved in the Merseyside Embroiderer’s Guild ‘Endeavour’ exhibition at the Anglican Cathedral, running from September 22nd to the 29th. She brought along the visitor’s book which is intended to showcase what skills we have as a group. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE :The Endeavour embroiderer's exhibition will end at 4pm on Friday September 28th, not Saturday 29th as stated on fliers and posters.

The Frankenstein Exhibition is moving to Knowsley, and we may be involved in a demo there later in the year, so more on that at a later date. If you didn’t catch the exhibition in the library, you can still see it until January at the Kirkby Gallery, Knowsley

Our making session concerned miniature books, and several members had brought examples along. We discussed the problems of selling small books for a decent price, and wondered about the merits of selling them in bundles. The book we actually made is a downsized version of  Heidi Kyle’s fishbone book, which is easier to make than the full-sized original. Much concentration and muttering ensued as this is a book form where accuracy is key. The second book was generally felt to be much better than the first as everyone got their heads around the various folds. If you’d like to have a go, the best instructions I’ve found are at the Green Chair Press website-it’s American, hence the instructions in inches. 

Our usual October meeting has been moved from the central library due to anticipated congestion for the giant puppet event. Instead we are going to a wood in the Wirral which Frances had kindly arranged, and from which we hope a new lot of books will be generated by the December meeting. More instructions will follow, so check this blog for travel and other details please, but in essence we will gather at the Costa Coffee shop in Heswall, Wirral at 10.30 a.m. on October 6th, whatever the weather!

Sunday, 2 September 2018

October - Visit to the Wood

Harrocks Wood in Irby, Wirral is our October field trip instead of meeting at the library.
                            Please be aware that the visit is at your own risk 

This visit is intended as an enjoyable, relaxing, inspirational engagement with a view to stimulating creative ideas based on experiencing a special place.  HW is part of quite an old if not ancient site comprised of woodland, watermeadows and farmland owned by the National Trust. The field systems are medieval and show evidence of ridge and furrow farming.        October should be a colourful time to visit.

Please bring the following:

An open mind,
Decent footwear
Something to sit on and wet weather gear if necessary.
Sketchbook, notebook, camera or phone, polybag for gathering.

We will meet first for coffee in Heswall Costa from 10.15 -10.45 from there we will travel  to the wood together.  Costa is a short walk from Heswall Bus station. Parking is available behind the row of shops or free in Tesco Car park.

Buses : 471 and 472  from Sir Thomas Street to Heswall Bus Station. Timetables available from Merseytravel.
                     There may be changes on the day because of the giants parade.