Sunday, 14 November 2021

Magellan Project 2021

November was Magellan month, when we met up at the Quaker meeting house to look at our progress and assess what remained to be done to complete the project.  I think we surprised ourselves........ Let's start with huge thanks to Jac for not only doing the lion's share of the work but also keeping notes on who had committed to do what, and when, and how! 

Brenda's beautiful embroidery was much admired, and work from lots of others placed on the long calico book and pinned into place. There are still a few gaps, but remarkably few now. We aim to complete the project by the end of January and then see where we can exhibit it.  Julie recommended a gallery in Cheshire that she thinks might have space for it if the long-anticipated exhibition fails to materialise. If members with work not yet received could please send it to Jac or Marilyn (email for address) or bring it to our December meeting that would be much appreciated.



We did manage to share some completed work, including a circular book from Jac, and a Secrets book Marilyn has entered for the Norwich competition, and others showed or discussed work in progress. 

A reminder that our theme of ' (First Saturday) 'Connections' is open until December's meeting, which will be at the Quaker Meeting House Liverpool on December 4th at 10.30-12.30

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Waterfall Structure

For the first time in 18 months .........  



We were able to meet in person, something many of us have greatly looked forward to, whilst still being concerned about keeping safe.  We’ve moved our monthly meetings from the Library, who have not yet reopened their meeting rooms, to the Quaker Meeting House, which is just up the road from Cass Art and The Bluecoat.  It’ s a very accessible space with lifts, and we are using the library, which has opening windows.  We were able to space the tables and so were as safe as we could be.  Our book this week included a moveable hinge , and is also also known as a 'Waterfall structure,' although ours was slightly modified. Many examples are available on You Tube.


Marilyns super video

We also shared books we had enjoyed making during lockdown, including a complicated  “Find the Lady” from Jac, and other pieces of work, not all books. Many of us had found that inspiration came and went over the pandemic, and that continues as we find our way towards a new sort of normality.


After discussion, we agreed a new theme in the run up to Christmas, which is.................. 

“First Saturday connections”

{Same destination but different journeys}

referencing the fact that people travel to our meetings on the first Saturday of each month, and make connections both personal and in transport terms. Make of it what you will, we look forward to seeing the results!  

 Gelli Plate Transfer Techniques  :

Please note that if you are coming to a meeting, refreshments may be best brought with you. We may/may not have use of the kitchen, no guarantees.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Flag Book

A very enjoyable workshop was given by Jac on the making of a Flag Book.  With only a few attendees it was quite an intimate event.  For once we all managed to complete the project. 

Link for Flag Book PDF from Jacs website  ...


Above  are some photographs of Flag Books made and below examples of work produced for the ongoing topic 'REVEAL' .



 New meeting details. Central Library is not yet open, so I have booked the 

Quaker Meeting House at 

22 School Lane
Liverpool, L1 3BT

Next door to Bluecoat Chambers 


Link for Magic Wheel Reveal...



Saturday, 28 August 2021

Moon Shadow Book

We had a lovely session making Moon Shadow or Summer Solstice books from a long strip of paper. Plenty of opportunity to make them bigger or smaller if you wish, and the tunnel effect is rather good. The idea can also be adapted to different shapes and infills. Instructions below.



We shared our work, or work in progress and thoughts about our current theme.

Next month Marilyn will not be present but Jac is running the online meeting. We’re still looking out for a ‘real’ place to meet and will see what the Autumn brings. Until then, have a good Summer and let us know if there is anything you especially want to explore in the coming months


Fold the long strip of paper into 8 section accordion.
I use paper to print out the templates but you can use thin card as suggested. 

Starting at the front page, cut round no 1 template (the circle), centering the template on the page and then making sure the instruction ‘top right’ is followed-ie put the template instruction’ top right’ at the right top of your page! 

Continue to cut subsequent pages using the numbered templates. There will be a spare blank page at the end.


Alternatively, you can cut out the shapes and then use them as stencils to cut each page.

A4 Template...this can be enlarged if necessary........

Sunday, 18 July 2021


We met via Zoom to make a hinged booklet, taught by Jac. Allowing pages to be put together after being decorated or printed,it's a useful structure. Big thanks to Jac for teaching it to us. 

We were very sorry indeed to learn of the death of Estella’s husband, Alan, after a long illness. Our thoughts are with Estella and family.

Members shared on-going projects, and Cath reminded us that we need to set a new theme for July-September. Watch this space for more information.

Marilyn has been looking into premises for when we (possibly) are able to meet face to face this Autumn, but no-one is willing to commit to opening meeting rooms yet. Fortunately our Zoom licence runs until January 2022, and it has proved a real godsend so thanks to all members for funding it.
The theme for the next couple of months will be .......... 'Reveal'

Our next Zoom meeting is on Saturday August 7th, 10.30-12.30, with a prompt finish.
We’ll send out an invite nearer the time, and will be making a ' lunar book '.
Pictures from Jac  and Julie

Jac has proved a downloadable pdf on her website below