Tuesday, 5 June 2018



We welcomed Michelle, a visitor from New Zealand, and Ellie from the Marches Book Arts Group to the meeting.  There was a smaller turnout than usual due to a mixture of holidays, illness, transport problems and family commitments

Those of us who made it had a great time making the ' teabag book '. This is a versatile format which can be used as a hanging book, which could be useful when exhibition space is limited. It also lends itself to different sizes fairly easily. Members went away to have a go at customising the format, so watch this space.

We discussed the MakeFest festival day, Saturday June 30th, 9-5pm. If anyone can cover a time slot please let Marilyn know. It involves talking to people and maybe some simple book making.

The Liverpool Book Art Fair (Saturday July 7th-Sunday July 8th) coincides with our next meeting, which will be held in the Hornby Room (1st floor of the library) amongst the Frankenstein exhibition and will be an open meeting. Volunteers to help look after the NWBA table at the Fair are needed, so again please contact Marilyn via  4hares4@gmail.com   if you can help, and thanks to all those who have already volunteered.

Members are invited to submit two books for display/sale, although you may send more and we will display them if there is space. Please use the form attached and pack your books securely in a box with your name on-this is important for those of us packing up. As we do not have a meeting prior to the book fair, you will need to get the books to Marilyn before Saturday July 6th if at all possible. Please contact her via the email address and she will give you details of where to send them. Alternatively, you can bring them to Croxteth on June 14th (see below), or bring them early on the morning of Saturday July 6th, but if too many of you do this it will make setting up very difficult!

Entry Form -copy then paste to print

If anyone has any photos on the subject of 'fragments' please send them in.


My snails have also been busy for me the last couple of weeks creating paper fragments.

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