Monday, 21 January 2019

Folding February

Those if us who managed to struggle through ice and snow and terrible public transport delays enjoyed the warmth of the library and each other’s company as we set to making a new folded book from Hedi Kyle’s The Art of the Fold.

Once the tricky folding is mastered, this is a book that has plenty of potential uses, and within minutes of making their first book members were busy subverting the idea.  This is always a test of a good structure if you have a go at making this book yourself.   Text weight paper is the best-anything too stiff and heavy just won’t fold as well. 

The Paul Johnson workshop is now fully booked with a couple of people on the waiting list.

We discussed the programme for this year, and thanks to the skill sharing of members we have plenty to do to keep us busy. No fairs are as yet planned except for Liverpool, but Brenda hopes there will be another attempt at an August week-end at Croxteth.  We have expressed initial interest in being there. The Frankenstein exhibit has been collected and is stored with Marilyn, but perhaps members could think about who might store our next joint piece.


Don’t forget our swap/sale next month in addition to the Blizzard book (more Hedi Kyle!) which Jac is leading - more details to follow.

Erics Tunnel book

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