Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Lockdown 2 Tokonoma Book

Dear Friends
I am so very sorry that Zoom wasn’t working too well this morning. Congratulations to those who got through and commiserations to those who didn’t. We’ll keep trying!

Today we made a simple pamphlet book which has an integral envelope, so great for sending through the post.

On the photo, dotted lines are creased, others are cut. This is the basic template as described and developed by Mike Clements of Marches Book Arts Group


  • Start with a piece of card or watercolour paper measuring 28cm wide by 13.8 cm deep.
  • Crease the dotted lines and cut the slit in the left hand side and the two points on the right hand side.
  • Put this aside and fold 3-6 sheets of thinner paper in half, landscape format. Sheets measure approx 20cm by 20.5 cm
  • Place the sheets of paper over the top of the card shape as shown,
  • and pierce 3 holes through both the paper and the card, one in the middle and one each side of this hole.
  • Sew the two together using a pamphlet 3 hole stitch-out through the middle hole, back in through the top hole, across and out of the bottom hole and back in through the middle.
  • Cut off neatly. And that is it. By folding the book you can now send it through the post by simply sticking down the flap.

This can be made using different sizes of paper to get smaller, or larger, books as seen in this practice piece.    Have fun everyone, and stay safe.


Until next time,       Marilyn

From Jac

Last night I went into the garden in the dark and rescued some leaves which I used to make a few double sided gelli print papers

I used three of them to make slight variations on a single sheet folded book that I found in Alisa Golden’s book (she credits Paul Johnson with inventing it).

Version one has all the pages glued together and could be made with artwork on just one side of the paper.

Version two has one pair of pages left unstuck to provide a hidden space.

And version three only has one page glued which makes an interesting structure with hidden spaces whichever way up you hold it.


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