Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Lockdown 3 2021

Happy New year 
Hi all
So good to see you today, and  I hope those who couldn’t make it are all OK.

As promised, here are the instructions for the Victorian purse book, or Valentine. You’ll find other examples on the net, but it is as good an instruction as I could find. The twist is the most difficult bit of the whole book, and I’ll emphasise again that creasing every fold very firmly will help a great deal.



On to other matters. I’m hoping that someone will volunteer to teach us all a skill in February-just email me please? We’re a forgiving lot and we all understand  that it is hard to teach in Zoom, but even small skills are useful to us all.. I will teach the March meeting.

We discussed the Magellan-focussed video that I have said NWBA will submit to the 2021 BABE exhibition in Bristol. We have done well to be chosen, and as a reminder, the bid was about the challenges, and satisfactions of making “An inch  a day”, so far unfinished. 
If you are happy to be a possible part of the video (can’t confirm anything until the editing is done), please email me and we’ll arrange a time to Zoom personally at a time to suit you, probably in a week or so. You would simply need to talk to me coherently about your contribution to the Magellan project, along with showing it to camera . I’ll probably take a screenshot of us talking in case time means we need to use still photos within the video. When we agree to talk I’ll send instructions about how to use a Zoom background which will be the same for us all. There’s no obligation to do this if you would rather not.

Finally, we discussed the possibility of buying a  Zoom license which would help with the stop/start nature of 2 back to back free meetings. A 12 month licence would cost £119.90, which would completely wipe out our funds, so I would ask you to think about this and let me have your views.

Members of Bookart may be interested in some of the courses set up by Merseyside Embroiderers guild via Zoom.

There is a course on Laminated tissue on January 16th which sounds much more Bookart than embroidery. 

Full details and costs for anyone interested, can be found on the Website 

Later in the year,  July 17th,  there will be a course on Natural dyes and botanical printing which again sounds more bookart than embroidery! 

Please feel free to link this on your blog if you think its relevant. 

Best wishes 
Brenda Muller


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