Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Sling Binding

We all made a sling binding book this month. The proposal is simple in essence but quite tricky to follow on Zoom. If you have the Hedi Kyle book 'The Art of the Fold'   you will find it in there alongside the modification which allows you to make it look like waves. It’s also available on YouTube in quite a few videos. Marilyn has found that using transparent paper, such as vellum, works well.


We have news of the Magellan video showing at Babe now (recent email sent to you all) and lots of us had made progress with our pages. Some beautiful embroidery from Brenda, and great fish, penguins, stranded sailors and meteorological occurrences from other members. If you have completed your initial ideas and want more, do contact Marilyn in the first instance for more ideas. All we need now is to actually meet in person and start to put the scroll together. Sometime later this Summer perhaps.



Our next meeting is via Zoom on the 1st May   and we will be focussing on fastenings for books. If you have an idea to share, and ideally demonstrate, please let Marilyn know the week before.

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