Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Exposed Hinge Book

North West Book Artists began the New Year with a discussion of future plans-this looks like being a busy year - and then a discussion of the state of our finances and thoughts about membership. We will reexamine this later in the year. We also agreed to a review of our mailing list. A  quick show and tell of work completed since our last meeting followed.  Interesting work on, amongst others,  hand coloured paper using leaf dyes, the re-use of old greetings cards to make new ones,  an ornament made of old cards which could also made as a  book form and a long stitch book completed.


We then made an exposed hinge book in which one could store used but special Christmas or other cards. Or indeed photographs or anything else. This style can be made in smaller and larger formats, and looks especially good with coloured hinges. Use PVA to glue pages to hinges if you have time and patience, or double sided tape if you have neither.


The next blog will have details of our February project, making signatures for a case-bound book and designing a calligraphic label for our “Journeys” collaborative book. Meeting room 2 is ours from 10 a.m. to 1p.m. only, so please try and be prompt.

Has anyone noticed we always seem to have food on the table ?

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